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Hot news in the Malaysian newspapers these days… :

Siti Nurhaliza to marry Datuk K on Aug 21

Siti Nurhaliza is the most well-known singer in Malaysia; she started her career when I arrived in Malaysia and worked her way up to the top. At 27 she has the world at her feet, and also…

Datuk K. Datuk K is… well, he was announced to be Siti’s lover at the time he was still married to his previous wife with whom he has 3 kids. Datuk K is 47, old enough to be Siti Nurhaliza’s father. After digging into his achievements, it is believed that Datuk K sits on the board of directors of several public-listed companies.

datuk k siti nurhaliza

LOVING COUPLE: Datuk Khalid Jiwa and Siti
announced their big day much to
everyone’s surprise. The wedding date is set on
Aug 21 while the bersanding is on Aug 28 at the
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Siti Nurhaliza - Datuk K: role model?

Siti Nurhaliza is undoubtedly a role model in Malaysia: a Muslim singer that doesn’t shake her booty like some Indonesian singers to get to the top in the pop business of Malaysia. Siti Nurhaliza: always polite, always striving for a better life in a better world: an example of Malaysia: a moderate Muslim state that only comes in the newspaper with good news.

Yet: being in love with a man not even divorced from his wife… what kind of role-model is this? Very little this does good to the image of marriage where everybody openly can see a Datuk (which is a noble title here in Malaysia) like Datuk K, going for a young girl like Siti Nurhaliza and giving up his previous marriage for it.

Now I must admit, Siti Nurhaliza never made any comments the day I married here in Malaysia, so I can only wish Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K the best.

Datuk K : how much of a businessman?

Datuk K is currently director of PASDEC Holdings Bhd, a public-listed company owned, that in the last year made 2 Q out of 4 Q of loss, and the stock price is way below 0.5 Rm, a so called penny stock…

However, it was his involvement in the entertainment scene that purportedly led him to Siti Nurhaliza… Datuk K for sure has his own public relations right…

Datuk K : how much of a father?

Datuk K has 3 sons, and it is kind of funny that their new stepmother Siti Nurhaliza could be mistaken for their sister:

siti nurhaliza datuk k sons

Can you judge a book on it’s cover? These are the pictures taken from a day in the life of Datuk K’s son:

siti nurhaliza datuk k son

Siti Nurhaliza is quite a different role model compared
to Datuk K’s son…

siti nurhaliza datuk k girls

(pictures courtesy of:

Datuk K being humble about the ‘price of love’ for Siti Nurhaliza

WHAT is the price of love? Businessman Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa is being humble about it and is offering his wife-to-be, pop princess Siti Nurhaliza, a mas kahwin (bridal gift) of RM22,222.22 and a volume of the Quran…

22,222 Rm, you cannot even buy a small apartment for that price… not even a small car… Very humble offerings to the parents of Siti Nurhaliza who is number 1 on the Malaysian scene…

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  • Comment by avilla

    hello beautiful siti nurhaliza, no matter how hard the situation is.. you must be strong k. have a good life, take good care of yrself especially to your family.

  • Comment by noorasmah binti nordin

    as’kum…siti…whateva happen and will be…u have to be strong n brave to face da world…u live 4 urself and thru u also all bad talk around u will disapear…only time can make those people tired n boring when spooks ’bout u..when u took a big step to marry ur husband…it’s show dat now ur a matured enough to take a big lead in ur life..Congrats cuz been so brave…it’s also show that age not a guareteee for happy life…now,in ur life husband is da first piority…anyway dat;s all i could say to show my supported to you..waslm…

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  • Comment by PinkCar

    I was never a big fan of Siti b4. I never knew who she was and i rarely listen to her songs. My dad gives compliment to this woman so much as wel as my stepmom. For your review, obviously its not much of infos and i don’t understand who are you trying to point out here… at some point ur tellin us that Siti is not makin a wise choice for choosin the ryt hubby as she is the no.1 role model of Malaysians, and at the same time, ur tellin us Dtuk K who is a succesful businessman who happens to b such an irresponsible and lusty old man that doesn’t take care of his boys very well. But i do kno that ur main point here is about being a role model to the Malaysian….

    The thing is they’ve chose this…. of course ur waitin for new hot topic to spoil us all, but remember to make it clear… like i said, wht ur trying to tell us (the viewers)is very blurry….

    but anyway, hope to hear more soon

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  • Comment by Linda

    salam,kak siti im ur fan..u r my role model,if can i want to be like u.i hope u b strong like ur mother,to live this ife.God always with u..i love u sis.With love,from amoy.

  • Comment by dewi

    Dear my lovely Siti,

    I know U r th strong women as what i hope….coz i really fan U. one day, i hope we could meet each other 2 spend my experience with U. that could give U mind that there’s more women that has worst life than U.

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