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girl gets rape in public in Malaysia pubIt’s almost Friday night and most likely you could be the next girl gets rape in public in Malaysia pub.

No, my English is not deteriorating… it looks more that I had a drink too much… quite innocent huh… Not really!

Unfortunately there are cheap drugs out there to add in a girl’s drink that will make her feel "a bit drunk", loose consciousness and loose her short time memory. Needless to say that’s how and when the date rapes occur and what you can’t remember, you can’t report.

On top of that reporting a rape is always a horrific ordeal as a lot of men out there will let you think you provoked the man, so you should be to blame in the first place.

U tube hot wild dance Malaysia girl

Now there are quite a few Malaysia girl videos out there that are quite hot like the one below. But "hot" is only in the eye of the beholder. If a guy is gay, he most likely won’t get turned on looking at this girl dancing.

One of the many Malaysia girl videos on YouTube:
u tube hot wild dance Malaysia girl

Now it’s not only Malaysia girls that dance like that. I mean: watch a video of Mariah Carey and turn of the music. Some men won’t notice the difference!

So that brings the debate to: where do you dress appropriate and where not? First and foremost: you should dress appropriate everywhere! Needless to say that fashion designers create dresses for cocktail parties, evening dresses, office wear, beach wear… so you could get an idea what to wear where.

Like what we read yesterday in the newspapers: Malaysia school girls should be wearing something more decent than their white uniform, the baju kurung – a traditional long top and skirt -. Of course a headscarf is desired for Malaysia school girls from Malay origin..

An Islamic group today condemned the uniform worn by girls at government schools, saying it encouraged rape and pre-marital sex.

malaysia malay girlsAgain: aren’t there other ways to prevent men from raping women that we can focus on as well? Needless to say that you should add to that the male’s lust and men’s ideas that a woman is a piece of possession like a wristwatch so they can do with a woman anything they want adds to encouraging rape.

And as long as women won’t be taken 100% serious in jail nor at the police nor in court… that also adds to encouraging rape.

Now I must add to white and light clothes: ones it starts raining, they really become overly transparent. That doesn’t mean that that’s an excuse to start raping a Malaysian school girl just because it happens to be raining…

malaysia school girl

When I was teaching, my girl guide Malaysia was to always carry an umbrella where-ever you go. They are quite small, won’t protect your legs from getting wet but at least your top keeps looking decent (that is when you are lucky a bypassing car doesn’t wet you all over…).

One can ask why does a Malaysia school girl get raped in the first place? Because they are easy pray: when school finishes there are a bunch of them waiting for parents that "have 1001 other things to do" so they arrive late…

Add to that no decent supervision of police or any other authority figures and you have "high supply" of naive, young Malaysia girls to become victims. Especially when they get raped by "your neighbour who was so friendly to go and pick her up". Yes, it’s normally the person that you least expect that does the raping!

How not to become a girl getting raped in public in a Malaysian pub

Look at a typical night out in a bar, dance club or party:

Right: you can hardly see anything, it’s dark and you have no clue what is happening with your drink or with the cigarette a "nice friend’ is offering you.

The products used to subdue (not at all seduce!!!) you are colourless and tasteless and can be put in your drink or you could get a cigarette with more in it than just tobacco.

So how do Malaysian girls prevent themselves from getting a suspicious drink? Very difficult. You could divide your evening in having a drink that you don’t loose out of your sight and the rest of the evening dancing about.

It’s always better to go out in group with other Malaysian girls and guys you trust. Once you feel "strange, dizzy, tired, drunk…", make sure the girls accompany you home! That should keep you for not becoming the next girl gets rape in public in Malaysia pub : not being able to talk nor walk properly nor to remember adequately being a victim of date rape…

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