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"Where is the police" is one of the first questions we expats ask when we are walking in the streets of Malaysian cities.


Unlike in Europe where it’s so easy to find a policeman to ask for direction when you are lost, here in Malaysia one wonders where the police is, especially:


  • when cars are double parked next to a yellow line
  • when cars are park next to the yellow line in front of the police station
  • when somebody’s handbag gets snatched.


The police is at 03-22627555 / 03-22626555


If you have a police emergency, try calling:


  • 03-22627555 or
  • 03-22626555.


These are the numbers for Bukit Aman’s Malaysia Control Centre (MCC) : the call centre for all police emergencies.


The Malaysian police is urging all Malaysians and Malaysian tourists to have these numbers in their mobile phone.


Everybody from any part of Malaysia can call the numbers above to report an emergency anytime. So key those numbers in your mobile phone right now!

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